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October 11, 2021

5 Tips and Hacks to Expand Your Fanbase on OnlyFans

Are you wondering how to get fans on OnlyFans? Are you looking to expand your fanbase? As an influencer, your fanbase is crucial to your reputation. Without a loyal following, there isn’t much to be expected. To grow your following and ensure success, here are a few OnlyFans tips that every influencer should know.

Don’t Put Your Eggs in One Basket

There’s an old saying that goes: don’t put your eggs in one basket, meaning don’t risk everything on the success of one venture. The saying advises people not to focus on one idea and completely ignore avenues for success (or income).

In fanbase terms, putting all of your time and effort into OnlyFans will only get you so far. An influencer’s fanbase will only expand so much focusing on one platform. This is why most influencers have multiple social media sites. Expanding and advertising on other sites allows for a wider and broader audience to find (and view) an influencer’s content. 

Be Interactive

Everyone knows that the best form of advertisement is word of mouth. One person discovers an influencer and shares them with their friends, who will share the influencer with their friends, and the chain continues. The chain could easily lead from a handful of people discovering you to a few hundred new followers overnight.

To maintain a fanbase and encourage your followers to spread the word, an influencer needs to be interactive. Put in the effort and interact with the audience to create a relationship between the two parties. In short, not interacting with the fanbase will result in unloyal fans who are unlikely to stay, much less advertise you to others.

Collaborate with Other Influencers

An influencer who sticks to their own bubble will only grow as wide as their bubble allows. But, to reach potential supporters, influencers need to take a step beyond their bubble. Collaborating with other influencers, especially those who have a large fanbase or a different niche, allows influencers to be acknowledged by followers and potential sponsors.

Reaching outside this bubble can expand an influencer’s fanbase, allowing the influencer to gain recognition from potential supporters–those who might have never found them without the boost. Collaboration among influencers has grown common because of the mutual benefits of reaching new audiences.

Stay Humble

At the end of the day, expanding your fanbase takes time. It won’t happen in a few days, and it definitely won’t happen overnight. It’s a journey that all influencers take at some point in their life, and a journey that has a rewarding end.

Remember your starting point. Consider the friends and family that encouraged you along the way and the beginning difficulties you experienced. It’s much easier for fans to support and follow an influencer who is relatable and doesn’t conform to the perfect imagery that being noticeable is easy. This is the best OnlyFans hack to bear in mind.

Keep these roots close to heart and always stay humble, no matter how much fame is gained. A cocky and out-of-touch influencer will create more enemies than friends.

Use EMA to Expand Your Fanbase

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