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June 22, 2022

A 20-Year-Old Buys Her First Home After Ditching Waitress Job For OnlyFans

After founding OnlyFans, a former waitress says she now earns her annual salary in just one month – allowing her to buy her first home at just 19 years old. When she finished her A levels, Elsa Thora tried her hand at private videos after struggling to land a job during a lockdown.

As a waitress, she made £18k a year; now, she can earn up to £25k a month on the website. Her subscription numbers have increased by making funny videos on TikTok, says Elsa, originally from Sweden.

She has now completed the purchase of a three-bed, £200k home in Yorkshire and has her sights set on a property in London. Elsa, who lives on rent in the capital, said: “I filled out all these applications during the lockdown and got no response.

“In August 2020, I decided to try OnlyFans and wasn’t sure it would work, but It did! Within a year, I earned 20K monthly from OnlyFans subscribers.

“I love to make videos, so I started a TikTok channel with less risque content. When a video goes viral, I see an increase in subscribers for my OnlyFans channel. I like travelling, and I use OnlyFans to pay for it.

He bought his first house last year, and he’ll be able to pay it off by next year.

“Now that I’m free, I can make my content anywhere I like. I love what I do, and I have no regalia struggled to find a job after completing her A-Levels in 2020, as the country constantly suffered from coronavirus outbreaks.

She found a job as a waitress in a restaurant in London but was disappointed that she was earning only £18,000 a year.

Elsa joined OnlyFans and was amazed at her success on the site as someone who enjoys travel and the finer things in life. The website advertises that subscribers to Elsa’s OnlyFans will be able to view pictures and videos showing explicit sexual consent, describing herself as having ‘bimbo blonde hair with big blue eyes, and a huge ass to match.

Within a year of joining OnlyFans, Elsa earned around £20,000 per month from subscribers to her account. To increase the number of subscribers to her performance, she created an account on TikTok and ran live feeds on the app, where followers could send her money as gifts.

TikTok followers can buy coins for $1.29 each, which are then converted into virtual gifts and provided to content creators and deposited into their bank accounts. In one of her live feeds, where she answered questions from her followers, she made £100. “We can earn good money on TikTok, Elsa said.

I see massive increases in subscribers on my OnlyFans account whenever one of my videos goes viral on TikTok. I would get banned if my videos on TikTok were as rude and explicit as my OnlyFans videos.

My two TikTok accounts prevent me from getting shadow-banned. I had three, but my 400k follower account was banned on the day I was headed to Thailand. I was so upset when the report was deleted.

It’s more of just keeping up with trends, using code words, and not showing as much of my body on TikTok as I would on OnlyFans. I go live on TikTok almost daily, where I chat with my fans and answer queries, and then they can deliver me money or gifts.”

I use TikTok to get my name out to people who would want to follow me on OnlyFans. That’s where I make my money, but TikTok helps me grow my subscribers.”

Over the past year, Elsa’s number of OnlyFans subscribers has skyrocketed, and she now has 1,500 fans subscribed to her page. OnlyFans makes her between $15,000 and $25,000 per month, and she doesn’t wish to get a job outside this lucrative Internet career.

At 19, Elsa bought her first home – a three-bedroom house in Yorkshire worth £200,000 – and is now looking to buy a house in London. Earlier this year, I redid the kitchen and bedroom in the house for about £15,000.

My deposit was £40,000, and now I rent it out, so I’ll have it paid off by next year. I’d like to engage myself in real estate more. My next mission is to buy in London, but it’s much more expensive than in Yorkshire.”

Using only fans and TikTok, I make more than I used to earn as a waitress in a month. I can travel anywhere and make content wherever I am – I’ve made videos in hotels, trains, and planes.

“I’m very happy with how it’s going. My friends and family are supportive, so there are no regrets.”

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