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September 4, 2023

A $268 Million Dividend Was Paid OnlyFans’ Owner as Profits Surged

As of 2022, the site had almost 3.2 million content creators, a 47% increase over the previous year. There are 238.8 million fans on the platform, an increase of 27% from the previous year.

As OnlyFans’ popularity surges, its owner has received dividends of $338 million ($268 million). A Ukrainian-American entrepreneur who owns pornographic websites is the company’s sole shareholder.

A report released by parent company Fenix International reveals a significant increase in profitability for the adult subscription platform. In 2022, the site had almost 3.2 million content creators, an increase of 47% from the previous year.

As a result, there are now 238.8 million fans on the platform, an increase of 27%.

In 2021, the company posted a pre-tax profit of $374m, but in 2022, it generated a profit of $525m. Users of the platform must pay a subscription fee to access the pictures and videos posted by sex workers.

During the year 2022, amateur pornographic content on the platform was accessed by fans for a total of $5.6 billion, with 80% of the proceeds going to the creators.

Based on its accounts, OnlyFans’ parent company aims to build the safest social media platform and empower its users.

Although the business is generally known for its X-rated content, it has recently begun hosting safe-for-work videos about comedy, fitness, cooking, and music. Over the year, the company paid over $87 million in corporation tax ($69 million).

The UK’s advertising watchdog cleared billboards featuring a model in a bra earlier this week following numerous complaints.

Posters were “unlikely” to offend because they weren’t “overtly sexual” or “objectified women”.

The billboard was only 450m from a school, which prompted about 30 complaints. According to The Sun last month, Rose Watson earns approximately $200,000 a month by selling explicit images on OnlyFans.

After discussing the billboards’ reaction, she stated: “If people are offended by my advertisement, I assume they are also offended by Ann Summers and Jack Daniels.”

There is no difference between my adult-oriented ad and those for gambling, alcohol, sex toys, and lingerie.

“It is a real business; if gambling and alcohol companies can run their advertisements, which have much more devastating effects, how can I not?”

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