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August 11, 2023

A 41-Year-Old Former Bodybuilder of Ronaldo Reveals Shocking Plans to Join OnlyFans and Take Naked Pictures

In 2004, the two-time World Cup champion, 46, had a fling with Michele. It has now been announced that the bodybuilder will be joining OnlyFans.

Although she has admitted that she will strip off her clothes, she insists that she will do so in an artistic manner.

It is now that I am aware of the different types of clothes and materials out there. “I hope to do many artistic nude pictures with my physique.”

Ronaldo and her 17-year-old son, Alexander, support the 41-year-old fully. She should have indicated whether she had informed Ronaldo of her decision.

She says, “I use my body as an expression of art in sports, and my family and friends understand that I strive to achieve a competitive physique by working hard to achieve it. In the beginning, I was an international model at 14 and had photos and fashion shows in Japan due to my art, which does not have to do with vulgarity.”

The model stated: “I always shoot photos and videos in competitions. It will not be any different for me.” In addition, she explained: “My son already supports me in my bodybuilding endeavors.”

The move, Michele indicated, was also intended to increase female self-esteem. She stated that it is possible to overcome yourself at 40, be professional, sensual, a mother, and an athlete who is true to oneself. “Today, I am confident and have self-esteem.”

Her libido was pushed into overdrive, and she developed an “insatiable” appetite for sex due to using steroids.

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