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June 15, 2022

A 6ft2 Woman Makes £80,000 A Month By Pretending To Be a Giant On OnlyFans

Astrid Wett, a TikToker and OnlyFans model, cancelled her boxing match against Elle Brooke over safety concerns.

Wett and Matthews were to fight on July 16 at the Indigo, O2 Arena, London, as part of the Simple Simon vs Ed Matthews card, but the fight did not occur as planned after Wett withdrew. The main event features a 51-year-old former footballer (Simon) taking on a 19-year-old TikToker (Matthews).

Wett revealed in a video posted to YouTube on Saturday that ‘things had changed. As Sarah said: “I wanted to prove to everybody that a pornstar can accomplish something unique.

I wanted to change the opinion on girls in the same line of work. I feel that the KingPyn event (the show’s promoters) is not the event for this. Things had changed from what we first thought when we signed six or seven weeks ago.”

Wett explained that she felt uneasy fighting on behalf of the organization. Brooke brought a coffin onto the stage at the press conference on Wednesday, “the day after someone tragically lost their lives in the boxing ring” (Simiso Buthelezi), which Wett objected to.

Brooke’s repeated threats to kill her have made her worried for her “actual safety during the fight”.

“In boxing, you don’t joke that you’re going to kill each other, because sometimes that does happen,” Wett said.

“Elle’s team” and the promotional company were informed after the event, and Wett claimed that no apologies were given and that no action had been taken as a result.

After the pair ‘brawled’ on the stage — with Brooke pulling Wett’s hair and kicking her in the stomach during two scuffles — Wett claimed that no one checked on her from Kingpin.

“What she did during the press conference is being incredibly concerned about my safety in the fight, what’s to stop her from headbutting me, kicking me, or going for the back of the head for example,” Wett said.



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