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September 19, 2022

A Cheeky and Confident Topless Photo Teases New OnlyFans Content from Denise Richards

Celebrities have felt liberated in recent years, wanting to share their confidence with the world on the platform OnlyFans.

Besides giving them more confidence, it also provides a hefty paycheck: the best of both worlds.

With their saucy OnlyFans content, many stars have captivated fans, including Disney alum Bella Thorne. Once again, Richards is turning up the heat on her platform.

A cheeky topless photo appears on Richards’ Instagram story, promoting her new content on OnlyFans.

As Richards stands in front of a lush mountainside setting, we see her toned abs and curves. She gives the camera her best smoulder as her wavy hair sits below her shoulders in that picture.

An unbuttoned letterman jacket and daisy ducks complete her look. Her breasts may be covered with a star emoji, but she’s showing the world this daring nude.

Richards soon followed Sami Sheen’s announcement of her OnlyFans page, charging $25 per month for exclusive content.

According to Page Six, the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star supports her oldest child’s decision. I can only guide and trust her judgment as a parent, but she can make her own choices.”

Richards’ decision has been supported by everyone, including her husband, Aaron Phypers, who helps her create her spicy content. She said that Aaron takes a lot of my content for me on Sirius XM’s Jeff Lewis Live. He knows what guys like.

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