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December 20, 2021

A Mother Of Four Who Couldn’t Afford Kids’ Gifts Turns to OnlyFans For Help

This glam mother of four had no money for Christmas presents for her children, but now she can buy them lavish gifts after quitting her teaching job for OnlyFans and making money.

This year, LA resident Courtney Tillia’s bank account is thriving after discovering a natural appetite for her raunchy snaps on the X-rated site.

Courtney admitted to going “a bit wild” after relying on family members to make ends meet.

In the past, the festive season was a stress-filled time for the 34-year-old and her husband because they couldn’t do much themselves.

In addition to providing presents for our children, our relatives helped out quite a bit at that time. She told the Daily Star.

“I remember going to the dollar store in 2015 with $20 to buy little presents for our kids’ stockings.

We had only $20 to feed our family of six and three dogs for one week. I always made dinners and meals from scratch. “It was hard, but we always managed to make it work.”

Her teaching job had left her feeling anxious, depressed, and even resentful, so in 2016, she decided to quit and become a life coach.

OnlyFans is the platform she launched in 2019 to gain subscribers. She now earns between $40,000 and $100,000 each month through her two pages.

She added, “I wasn’t aware that it was so lucrative or that all of this was possible.

I could make $500 a month to pay for a car payment and insurance.”

This year, the mum spent around $5000 (£3,753.32) on her kids after reaching a six-figure salary for the first time.

“This year, for Christmas, my kids (ages 8-20) will be getting a VR set, electric scooters, dartboard, Harry Potter robes, and wands,” she revealed.

The mum also plans to buy her kids ‘ celeb-approved exercise clothes from Alo Yoga, as well as expensive Jordan trainers and “many more things.”

Although we have faced financial stress and haven’t provided gifts for a few years, Christmas has always been a day of love and celebration.

As a parent, watching the joy on my kids’ faces when they open their gifts is priceless! But even more precious are the memories we make!

Despite traveling to Hawaii and enjoying some fantastic staycations, we haven’t been able to travel as much as we’d like yet due to Covid.

As well as being able to treat her kids, the mum says her family tries to help those less fortunate around the holidays.

Courtney stated, “It’s wonderful to help other families who struggle to get presents or stocking fillers.”

It is lovely to be able to provide for my kids in every way, as well as giving back to others who are in a similar situation.”

The model hopes to purchase investment properties and take more vacations with her family in the future.

During the past five years, I have learned so much and experienced so many changes,” she said.

In the future, I see myself not only doing OnlyFans, but also doing more TV, making even more money, and making an even more significant impact around the world.”

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