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November 29, 2022

A Single Mother Living On Food Stamps Earns £100k Monthly With OnlyFans

Even though OnlyFans might not be an option for everyone, it works for one woman who previously had to rely on food stamps to feed her family.

The 28-year-old Rebecca Goodwin had been living on food vouchers for over a month to feed her two daughters, ages 4 and 11.

Using just six bags of food, each voucher provided the family with five days’ worth of food. As she realized she couldn’t continue like this, Goodwin started an OnlyFans page and earned over £1000 in just ten days. She now makes over $100,000 a month from this site.

Three years ago, the mother-of-two would have never imagined she could afford a £45k Porsche and a £230k house.

A creator of Only Fans, Rebecca, from Mansfield, Derbyshire, said: “For over a month, we lived off six bags of food.

My daughter’s first birthday party could not be afforded. Due to desperation, I started Only Fans and earned £1.6k in the first ten days. It was madness. I had never made so much in a month before.

Now I’ve bought a four-bedroom house and Porsche. I tell my eldest about what I do, but she has no problem with it.”

She relied on food vouchers to feed her family because she couldn’t afford her gas and electric bills.

As a single mum, she could not work because she had a baby. I couldn’t afford childcare for her, so I was looking for work I could do at home. I felt guilty that I could not provide for them. For over a month, we ate six bags of food filled with tins of soup and Uncle Ben.

I was desperate, despite knowing Only Fans was a risk. My third food voucher-request was discussed with social services. I knew I had to try Only Fans.”

In April 2019, Rebecca started her Only Fans page and was shocked at how quickly it took off.

“I had tried my hand at buying Snapchat content, but I was still stunned,” she said. Over ten days, I made £1.6k. Since then, I have made between £60 and £100k monthly. Due to my past credit problems and my job isn’t considered stable, I couldn’t apply for a mortgage. Before starting Only Fans, I was in debt of £15k and had a debt relief order. 

Now that Rebecca works from home when she wants, she loves her job.

“I get a lot of strange requests. When a guy asked me to do so, I declined to send poo in a Tupperware in the mail. 

In addition to her unusual sex toys, she has silicone versions of corn on the cob, umbrellas, carrots, screw champagne bottles, and traffic cones.

She continued, “I’m often called traffic cone girl because of my sex toy traffic cone.”

“My mum is all for it. She loves it. They are all very accepting of what I am doing. It’s no problem for my eldest to know what I do.” She said.

I was opening a gnome toy when my youngest asked, “Is this Santa Claus? It would be expected if they grew positive sexual environment. 


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