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May 6, 2023

A Tattoo Was Done on Mikaela Testa to Promote Her Collaboration With White Fox Boutique

One affordable clothing brand’s name has been tattooed on OnlyFans sensation Mikaela Testa’s body, showing her love for the company.

At an influencer event hosted by White Fox Boutique, the 23-year-old inked the words’ white fox’ across her wrist.

Testa unveiled her new body art on Friday night, promoting her highly-anticipated collaboration with the famous clothing brand. 

In a caption accompanying the photo of the tattoo, Testa said, “Y’all better buy tf from my collection at White Fox Boutique.”. Mark your calendars for June 6.

There were no signs that Perth influencer Gracie Piscopo decided to get tattooed at the event. Last month, Testa made headlines after he was deported from the United States after a long flight from Perth. According to her TikTok and Instagram posts, she knew she was in trouble when she landed in Los Angeles.

It took me 20 hours to fly from Perth to Los Angeles. Upon arrival, I was detained,” Testa said. “When I handed them my passport… They took me straight to secondary because I was flagged or something. My stomach sank, and I just felt like something was wrong. It was like I knew I was in trouble.”

According to the influencer, she spent more than a day in a border force room before being flown home. In the last 30 hours, she has been locked in a US border force room with no phone and had her visa revoked. My visa has been revoked, and I can’t enter America.”

Among the questions she was asked was about her account with OnlyFans. They asked her about their money, what they do daily, and if they did anything illegal.

As a process, this is how things work, and I understand it 100 per cent. Testa, who has more than 713,000 Instagram followers and 2.3 million TikTok followers, said being deported was embarrassing.


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