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October 6, 2023

A Teacher On Leave Over an OnlyFans Page Has Resigned to Pursue Pornography

She resigned after being placed on leave for running an OnlyFans page with her husband. It’s not worth fighting with the school district. After resigning, Brianna Coppage, 28, told the Messenger, “I’m just ready for peace.”

The community was left red-faced when district officials discovered Coppage’s scandalous side gig on Sept. 27.

Deciding to step down was motivated by her desire to prevent the school from receiving hate. “I want students’ education to return to normal; they deserve a great year.”

She said she launched the porn account over the summer to supplement her meagre $42,000 educator’s salary last year.

Since she was suspended, her OnlyFans channel has made at least double what it did before. She’s got suspicions who ratted her out, coppage told the Messenger.

She said earlier that the couple collaborated with another OnlyFans couple with a bigger following.

I don’t think students or children should have been exposed to this, and I truly believe that students wouldn’t have known were it not for an adult finding it.

As for her OnlyFans account, Coppage plans to focus on making more money and enjoying the racy content. “The support I’ve received on the site is encouraging,” she said.

As she described how much she’d miss working with students, Coppage got emotional. Undoubtedly, it’s been a roller coaster ride these past few days. “Our world turned upside down.”

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