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December 11, 2023

A Top Request From the ‘Baywatch’ Star: Attaining the Ultimate Girlfriend Experience

“One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was joining OnlyFans.” Donna D’Errico is glad she joined OnlyFans.

“Baywatch” star D’Errico is delighted to be able to give subscribers who check into her adult-targeted subscription service the ultimate “girlfriend experience.”

More than one year after connecting with her fans, D’Errico confesses one request has stayed the same.

“Fox News Digital exclusively reported that she received a lot of requests for feet at the beginning.” ” Now, I’m mostly asked to show my everyday life, just me and the real me.”

He added, “Maybe making coffee, wearing a T-shirt. That’s my biggest request.”

Followers often ask D’Errico to “take a picture of you right now. I’d like to see how you look right now.”

“I’m wearing sweatpants and no makeup and a ponytail,” she said. They like that ‘groomer experience,’ as I call it.

According to D’Errico, who is happily single, it’s like a girlfriend experience for them because what I get out of it, they get out of it as well. By logging in, they can have fun having an experience similar to having a girlfriend. After logging off, they are gone. There is no one to contact.”

Indeed, there are always exceptions, but 99% of the guys who subscribe to my OnlyFans are nice and respectful. “The scene isn’t gross or grotesque at all.”

While D’Errico has benefited financially from her job as Donna Marco on “Baywatch,” she claims a great deal of misunderstanding about what she does.

It’s just not true that every female and male on OnlyFans is doing porn.
That’s starting to sink in now, I think.

“There are a lot of celebrities on there now. I know it is associated with porn, and I know it was the main thing that happened on there for a while.”

As she said, “I post sexy, seductive things there. You know, they’re sexy. Like a boudoir shoot, it’s fun to do. Some women enjoy doing boudoir photo shoots.”

“She was so pleased with the photos – they made her feel feminine, beautiful, and sexy.” Regarding the money, “I was surprised by how much it turned out to be.”

Her confidence is sky-high now, too. OnlyFans was “one of the best things I’ve ever done.” “I couldn’t imagine doing anything else where I’d have fun, feel sexy, feel pretty, be told that I’m pretty, and be told I look great.” That’s a dream come true, she said. “Wish I’d done it sooner, honestly.”

One-man-show, she creates content daily for tens of thousands of fans and thrives on having “full control” over everything on her page.

Despite its popularity among celebrities, she’s kept a few private relationships with her former “Baywatch” co-stars through OnlyFans.

“On Instagram, I follow Carmen [Electra], and she looks so amazing,” D’Errico said. ” Her posts are amazing. I adore her posts.”



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