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July 6, 2022

A Volleyball Player Earns 50 Times More From OnlyFans Than Her Sport

Among Brazilian professional volleyball players, Key Alves recently revealed that she makes 50 times as much money on OnlyFans as she does in her field.

With 2.3 million followers on Instagram alone, she is the most followed volleyball player in the world.

As she prepares to take part in the 2022/23 Paulista Championship season with Osasco Voleibol Clube, her career outside of the sport is making her money.

It’s making her more money than her professional sports career, which is crazy. She told Brazilian news outlet O Globo that volleyball is her main focus, but she can’t let go of her parallel career.

“I am in my third year as a professional volleyball player and consider myself a professional athlete.” As my life off the court grew, I began to give more attention to a parallel career.

Even if professional volleyball doesn’t pay the bills, that career off the court helps. She continued, “I consider myself an athlete, which is why my online image has grown.

My business ventures include athletes, models, influencers and entrepreneurs.” Digital platforms earn me about 50 times more than volleyball. It is that simple. “OnlyFans pays me a fixed monthly subscription so I can earn a lot.”

OnlyFans subscribers pay $14 a month, and American Post reports that Alves has collected more than $500,000. While she can comfortably make a career outside of sport, volleyball remains her passion and focus.

She certainly seems to be on her way to becoming a top athlete. One of the most promising athletes in Brazil, she recently joined the Brazilian national volleyball team.

“I prefer playing volleyball to taking pictures,” she said. Because of this, I will not give up on my career on the court, even if it is financially feasible.”


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