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July 26, 2023

A Woman Filmed Brawling With Her Husband’s Mistress At a Las Vegas Casino Turns Out To Be An Executive At the Tequila Company Founded by LeBron James

According to reports, the viral brawl was sparked by a senior executive at LeBron James’s tequila company encountering his mistress in a Las Vegas casino.

She has been invited to party with A-list celebrities and appeared in promotional campaigns for James’s liquor brand Lobos 1707. Erin Harris is the chief marketing officer of James’s liquor brand, Lobos 1707.

Her friend and only fans model Danielle Pertusiello, 24, was caught on video engaging in an ugly casino floor catfight over her husband, Mike Harris, 51, in a nasty casino floor fight.

Pertusiello claimed that the booze executive was the aggressor of the racket at the Wynn, one of Las Vegas’s most upscale hotels.

Fox News quoted her as saying, “She hit me from behind.”. ‘I want people to know that she’s not all about women empowerment. Several little girls are jumping around her.

It was reported that Harris was in Las Vegas with the basketball star during the annual NBA Summer League event when she reportedly had an outburst at her husband’s secret lover.

As senior vice president of rapper Diddy Combs’ Enterprises, Harris worked with another A-lister before heading marketing for LeBron James’ tequila company.

She discovered her husband had an affair with the model four months before their casino brawl, according to Pertusiello.

During a hostile phone conversation with Harris’ private investigator, Pertusiello confessed to sleeping with his husband.

According to her, it will be someone else if it is not me.

When contacted by Fox, Mike Harris denied the affair, claiming the viral video had nothing to do with him. In a hotel, two women got into a scuffle.

As Pertusiello explained: ‘He just takes care of me, he is the CEO of a luxury athletic apparel brand.’

According to Pertusiello, she and her friend Amanda Collado, 29, were at a pool party immediately before the fight.

Harris allegedly charged her when the two went to the casino at the Wynn to use the bathroom.

Police reported that Harris and a friend only touched Pertusiello on the shoulder to get her attention in the lead-up to the fight, according to security footage.

As soon as the four females had finished arguing, they began punching each other, according to the police. In two videos that became viral on social media, Pertusiello, wearing a gold outfit, pins Harris’ friend on the red carpet of the casino wearing a black and white top and denim shorts.

A slapping sound is heard, followed by the video camera operator exclaiming, “Goddamn!” as the fight intensifies. Pertusiello approached him armed with a pink-heeled flip-flop, but the bystander could not separate the women.

In the second clip, Harris rides a battery scooter near the casino’s poker tables while wearing cream sweatpants. She once again fought the woman in gold on her side in a vice grip.

One of the men in blue, accompanied by a security guard, shouted ‘calm down’ at the women as they attempted to separate them.

Her scooter is almost horizontal, and Harris and the woman in gold are slapping and kicking each other. A crowd watches as a man filming says, “Dude, this stuff is crazy.”.

Eventually, the men manage to separate the two women, with one of the women being pinned down to the floor by the security guard.

Collado and Pertusiello were issued citations for disorderly conduct. In the report, police attempted to interview Harris, but she had cleared out of her room and didn’t answer her phone when they arrived.

Comment has been requested from Pertusiello. Contact information for Lobos1707 needs to be provided on its website.

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