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September 26, 2022

A Woman Living In A Council House Is Now A Millionaire Because She Joined OnlyFans

Born and raised in Wales, Sophie Dee struggled to make ends meet until she started selling sexy snaps on OnlyFans. She has multiple properties in Las Vegas now that she’s a millionaire.

As an OnlyFans model, a woman who grew up on a council estate is now raking it in. After leaving her small Welsh village for Las Vegas, Sophie Dee went from “rags to riches.” With a life of luxury in Sin City, the 38-year-old has landed on Forbes’ first-ever Top 50 content creators list.

In 2017, she joined the adult subscription site, where she sells sexy snaps; she earns an average of £322,000 a month.
Luxury properties, a Porsche worth £120,000, plastic surgery worth £55,000, and multiple holidays have been possible because of this – but it hasn’t always been that way.

Throughout my childhood, my family pretty much survived on welfare. “I grew up on a rundown council estate.

” Name brand products were unavailable in our house – even Coca-Cola was reserved for Christmas – and we had to put coins into the TV to watch it. The school uniforms I wore to school were hand-me-downs from my brother, and everyone knew we were poor. “We live in a mile-long village where everyone knows everyone’s business.”

A photographer introduced Sophie to the porn industry, telling her to go abroad for work. They “hated” the idea of her taking off her clothes.

She also had to endure judgment from her local village, which branded her an “sl*g” and mocked her career choices.
A photographer offered Sophie a job in the US after I won a modeling contest for The Sport. I then did some nude photography and lap dancing.

” When I began, my dad, stepmother, and brother hated it.

Despite his initial skepticism, Dad now understands this is a real job. “People in my village used to stare at me and call me names, saying I was a slut. Despite how horrible it was, it prepared me for my role as a public figure on social media – people can be incredibly demeaning. In the meantime, I am a millionaire.

“Even though I’m not sure if they follow my OnlyFans, many of them have congratulated me, which is hilarious.”

Since joining OnlyFans, Sophie has had the last laugh, and she credits clever marketing with her success.
I would advise anyone looking to make it on OnlyFans to do a lot of promos.

” Previously, I would spend the whole day trying to get more famous stars to collaborate with me.
“I invest a lot of money in stocks, bonds, my pension, crypto, and business ventures.”

“I recently launched a website to promote models called Shoutout Express, and now we’re launching Gig Social, which has cost me $300,000 (£276,000). Poor childhoods leave a lasting impression.

Despite having enough money to retire several times over, I never stop working toward making more money.
I guess that I will work until I’m old and gray…

Being on the Forbes list of top content creators feels impressive because it validates my work in sex. “I hope this will help people understand that sex work is work.”

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