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December 8, 2022

A Woman Who Went Viral With an OnlyFans Ad Has Been Hired And Is Appearing On A Racy Website

Gracie Hartie’s assistant, who joined forces with the creator of OnlyFans, has joined the racy site herself, fulfilling her new role.

After her personal assistant ad went viral, she even got her to join her on OnlyFans.
Eunice Ng has been appointed Gracie Hartie’s PA, boasting hundreds of thousands of followers.

Eunice – known on TikTok as Mermaid Girl – has begun working for Gracie after many social media users questioned her job offer.

After posting about the opening on November 2, Gracie received her first application within three minutes.

Many online thought the position might not be real – the salary offered was S$5,200 (£3,300) to S$5,800 (£3,600). The requirement to travel with her seemed unlikely and surreal.

She said she has enjoyed working with Gracie, who helped her set up an account with OnlyFans, in an interview with MS News.

As the camera pans to Eunice, who is painting a wall, Gracie jokes that she is training her new PA.

According to Eunice, she has cleaned and washed dishes as part of her duties. “A job that I enjoy would be better for me,” she said.

In response to social media users’ questions about the original job advert, Gracie posted another video showing what the job could entail.

Video caption: “My personal assistant/photographer in Japan.”

Matcha-making and being headbutted by an angry deer were fun experiences on offer.

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