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March 5, 2023

A Yorkshire Woman Earns £15,000 Monthly On Onlyfans As a Driver For ‘Lonely Lorry Drivers’

The HGV driver from South Yorkshire has been a hit on OnlyFans.

The married South Yorkshire trucker earns over $15,000 monthly from his OnlyFans account for lonely lorry drivers.

In August 2022, Shannon Pettinger, from Doncaster, started a new venture after spotting an opportunity. As a day job employee, she earns $11.5 an hour, needed to start a haulage company quickly.

Having been a lorry driver, she created images and videos that evoked their “fantasies”. With hundreds of followers and a solid bank account, the 27-year-old’s content was a hit.

There are currently 1,500 subscribers who pay $10 per month, according to the businesswoman. The Sun reports that Shannon wants to buy ten HGVs and become a major player in the industry.

With her OnlyFans account, she can now achieve this dream. During the past few months, Shannon earned more than she would have earned working her day job for five years and bought a second-hand Scania for $20,000.

Shannon has recently reached 70,000 followers on TikTok after increasing her popularity on social media. On OnlyFans, however, her fans pay $1 per minute for pre-recorded videos and $10 for custom clips.

Shannon, who has been an HGV driver for seven years, said she does not always interact with fans sexually. Women follow her because she inspires them to enter what is still largely a male-dominated field.











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