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About Us

EMA is a professional NSFW management firm located in Los Angeles, California, that specializes in providing data-driven strategies for building successful OnlyFans creators and social media influencers.

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Who we are

Creators require a reliable and capable team to support their growth and success. EMA, founded in mid-2020, is a trusted management team that approaches the OnlyFans industry with a professional, business-minded approach.

Our team, consisting of over 120 skilled professionals, works with both well-known and emerging creators to drive continued success for models and creators. At EMA, our sole focus is on enabling the success of our clients.


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Our Story

In mid-2020, during the rapid growth of the OnlyFans platform, digital trend entrepreneurs David and Rick recognized the need for effective management in an industry that was often perceived as untrustworthy.

In response, they founded EMA with the goal of helping creators maximize their potential on the platform and protect their content investments.

Today, EMA continues to support creators globally by allowing them to focus on content creation while providing the reassurance that a dedicated team is working diligently in the background.

The Leadership Team

David Marmon.

Chief Executive Officer

Yini Liao.

Chief Operations Officer

Rick Garcia.

Chief Revenue Officer

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