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Creators need a trusted, competent team to manage their upward success.

EMA has been a trusted management team since its inception in mid 2020 that treats the business of onlyfans as just that – a fully developed business with the levels, expertise, and structure needed to maintain some of the highest performing accounts.

The EMA team works with both celebrity and smaller accounts alike to bring continued success to models and creators. Founded from a small startup team of 5, EMA has grown to well over 50 staff members including an all-female account management team, highly trained in the only goal that really matters – creator success.

Los Angeles, 2020

Our Story

In mid 2020 during the surge of popularity in onlyfans, serial entrepreneurs David and Rick noticed an emerging opportunity in the space where relatively few managers were effective in producing results in an all too often “shady” business.

From this realization, a company was born with a mission to help Creators realize their platform potential with an agency that truly looks after their content investment in a business where being conned out of thousands was far too common.

Today, EMA continues to empower Creators worldwide to focus on content creation with the trust that a great team works tirelessly behind the scenes.

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