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September 14, 2023

According to Drea de Matteo, She Joined OnlyFans Because She Didn’t Want To Be Governed By Mandates

After joining OnlyFans in August, Drea de Matteo is not concerned with people’s opinions.

Having joined the service, known for its uncensored content, the 51-year-old announced her decision to charge $15 per month by posting a nude photo on Instagram.

As a result of her stance on vaccine mandates, De Matteo said she was branded a “savage” by Hollywood.

“My industry believes that I am, you know, a savage, so I had no idea this was going to be a change of life, you know, that I would have to switch careers and find new things to do when I should be relaxing a little bit,” de Matteo said.

Since I did not follow the rules a couple of years ago, you could say that I was a bad girl. Therefore, I do not wish to be put at the mercy of mandates or strikes in the future.

De Matteo knows that some have disapproved of his joining OnlyFans.

I am aware that some people have made negative remarks about my decision to join OnlyFans. The way we see it in this house, however, is that Mommy is a warrior who does not accept defeat,” she explained.

So, I thought, “OK, everybody is in their underwear on Instagram and being sexy, but I could get paid for it.” De Matteo said she “almost lost our home over her past decisions.” “I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner.”

“Some people find it hard to believe that I have never been paid very much for any of the jobs I have undertaken,” stated De Matteo.

I have turned down tons of jobs in the past to spend more time with my children, whose dad has been on the road. They think I am made of gold, but I’m not. I’ve worked job to job.


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