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March 4, 2023

According to Ebanie Bridges, OnlyFans Boxer Elle Brooke Plans to Challenge for The World Title

As Elle Brooke continues her journey in influencer boxing with female world champion Ebanie Bridges, she has indicated she may consider switching to the professional ranks.

A world title challenge is on the table for Elle Brooke if she chooses to switch to professional boxing.

In her influencer boxing career, she has defeated former Love Island star AJ Bunker and TikTok star Faith Ordway. Brooke is signed to Misfits Boxing but recently announced her participation in Kingpyn Boxing’s eight-fighter tournament.

The coach who trains Brooke has worked with world champions Dillian Whyte and Ebanie Bridges. According to the 24-year-old, Bridges has mentored her inside and outside the ring throughout her career.

Since I started boxing with Ebanie, I have learned so much,” Brooke told Mirror Fighting. “Mark is my coach, and she is my mentor to me.

She constantly surrounds me, and having successful people around her rubs off on you; they are great role models. She teaches me a lot in and outside the ring regarding mentality and what it takes to be a boxer.

If I continue to improve at my current pace, I would love to compete for titles 100% if I reach the point where I dominate the influencer world. I always aim to push myself and change my goals by dreaming big. “I am open to one day earning a belt.”

Due to their popularity on subscription services OnlyFans, Bridges, and Brooke have become high-profile influencers. Despite a positive start, Brooke has regularly backed him to succeed in boxing.

Brooke believes she can prove she is the leading female boxer in the influencer world. Adding that she felt both promotions had her best interests at heart, she said: “I will see how the tournament progresses and if they continue to do it.”

“The goal for me is to become the best female pound-for-pound boxer. I know it’s important to keep boxing and to improve.”


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