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July 5, 2023

According to Kerry Katona, She Has Earned a Great Deal From OnlyFans Since She Claimed She Could Not Pay Her Rent During Lockdown Because of Her Boobs

How much Kerry Katona earns on OnlyFans after overcoming her bankruptcy through the platform has been revealed.

As a member of Atomic Kitten, the 42-year-old singer has faced several periods of financial difficulty. However, through her savvy business strategies, she has built herself back up whenever she has encountered a setback.

By sharing revealing photos and videos of herself on OnlyFans, Kerry claims to have made more than a million dollars.

According to her, she has made more than that. It is difficult for me to put a number on it. I’m a billionaire!!

I will give myself credit. Having grown up in a foster home and attending eight schools, I bought clothes from car boot sales, I was a lap dancer, I joined a girl band, I became the face of Iceland, I became a millionaire, I went bankrupt, lost everything, I became a millionaire again, I went bankrupt again, and I became a millionaire again. Who does it?’

Kerry does not intend to cease creating content for OnlyFans, stating that she will continue to do so as long as there is an audience for it.

She responded, “I will continue to do off as long as I continue to earn money.” This will continue as long as there is a demand.

There are several different species of birds on there, not limited to young, pretty birds.

As of September, I will be 43 years old, which is dead easy. It would be easy to sit here, take a picture of my feet, and make some money. Then why not?’

She has also launched fashion brands Marnie and M Fit in addition to her OnlyFans page.

Due to her business income, she has purchased a lime green Lamborghini worth £180,000.

A swimming pool and a home cinema are included in her £3 million mansion in the upmarket Cheshire suburb of Prestbury, where she lives with Premiership footballers.

She is formerly known as she’s a celebrity. She has also provided her children with a private education due to her campmate.

Despite this, she acknowledges that money will not be able to purchase happiness for her, but she is grateful for the opportunities made possible by it. As a glamour model, Kerry has no qualms about participating in OnlyFans.

She is filling a niche previously occupied by lads’ magazines Nuts, Zoo, and FHM, which no longer exist.

Earlier this year, Kerry disclosed that she was so cash-strapped that she sold the last memento of her marriage to Brian McFadden before reclaiming her fortune through OnlyFans.

During the lockdown in 2020, she could not pay her rent, so she sold a jukebox worth £15,000 that she had kept from her marriage to ex-husband Brian, 43, for just £1,900.

Despite whittling away her fortune as a pop star and reality television regular, she has amassed substantial wealth after sharing images on Only Fans of herself topless and in her underwear.

According to The Sun, she was “skint” at the time. The only thing I took was our massive jukebox, which Brian gave me as a wedding present – I only took the kids and that jukebox, which cost about sixteen thousand dollars.

The house had to be sold for £1,900 to pay the rent, so I decided to get rid of it. Why not do it again? I used to do it, so why not? I consider it to be one of my best decisions.

My boobs were God’s gift, and I should use them. Currently, I earn millions of dollars per year through OnlyFans.

Kerry Mahoney maintains that she has no problem sharing revealing pictures of herself on the Internet with her fiancé Ryan Mahoney. During her first photo shoot, Ryan and her eldest daughter Molly, 21, assisted her.

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