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July 25, 2023

According To the Love Island Star, Fans Beg Her To Appear on OnlyFans, But If She Did So, They Would Regret It

According to Coco Lodge, her followers constantly ask her to appear on OnlyFans, but joke that they would not want any additional content if she were to strip off there.

The Love Island star Coco Lodge announced that her fans are begging her to launch an OnlyFans page. They might want less content if she were to bare all on the platform.

If asked if she would consider the OnlyFans route, Coco responded that it is “not for her.”

Nonetheless, I was ready to support those who did decide to take that route.

Exclusively, Coco stated: “It is not for me, but it would be beneficial to anyone who has the ability to do it and parents who are supportive.”

As a somewhat old-fashioned person, I would not want the whole world and his friends to know I am with a man.

It should be kept as a sacred matter for your partner. Yes, they love it. I can earn income if I want to.

“Most of my followers are men, which is great for boosting their self-esteem.”

“However, once they see it, they may not desire any more content,” she remarked.
“I’m sure I could make money.”

During her “lonely” ITV stint last summer, Coco revealed that she made no friends.

“I have a massive regret, and I do not like living with regrets, but my biggest regret was not having friends there.”

“I wasn’t myself in the villa because the girls weren’t very welcoming, and I cared so much.”

“My personality was completely lacking because I was just sitting back, hoping these people would like me; in reality, they are more likely to hate me.”

Despite the cliquish atmosphere, no one was mean, but; for instance, you’d try to chat with people during the day or evening, but people would say, “Oh, sorry, private chat.”

You are also only allowed to participate in these private chats if you are in a couple and not in these friend groups. I would be left alone in the kitchen.

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