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February 17, 2024

After a Two-Year Hiatus, Paige VanZant Returns to Fighting After Leaving OnlyFans

The first thing most fans think of when they think of Paige VanZant is mixed martial arts.

The famous fighter changed her style after accepting a boxing fight for a few months.

The famous fighter changed her style by accepting a boxing fight for a few months.

She had been inactive for more than two years, as her father called her, because of her love of hunting. At BKFC 19, she lost to Rachel Ostovich in mid-2021.

As a model on the adult platform OnlyFans, VanZant has devoted most of her time since leaving the UFC after a submission loss to Amanda Ribas at UFC 251.

Recently, she was given the chance to return to the arena. “The day before yesterday, my manager called and offered me a fight,” he said.

In Mid-2024, The Fight Will Take Place

VanZant aimed to fight again in the Big KFC Championship (BKFC). “I accepted the fight,” she said. “I haven’t signed a contract yet, so I can’t give all the details. I accepted it.”

However, she offered no further details on the podcast she co-hosts with Austin Vanderford, such as her rival or the organization that will stage the fight. When the fight had yet to be formally agreed, she explained in detail the date change.

They originally offered me a March 23 week-long camp, which was perfect,” she said, stating that she would save much time from worrying. Moreover, she would be able to fight again before her 30th birthday.

In response to her acceptance, she explained, “They were like, hey, let’s move it to [May or June]. After I get all the information, I’ll be able to announce it on the podcast.

BKFC Is Still Her Employer

Gloves on, nothing but boxing. VanZant was eager to get on the field but considered bare-knuckle boxing his next fight.”

Of her four fights with BKFC, Paige lost to Ostrovich in August 2020 and previously failed to Britain Hart at Knucklemania in February 2021. BKFC’s cast is known for pursuing other interests despite the agreement.

It has been shared for VanZant to venture into other forms of fighting since she appeared in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) in 2021 and 2022.

Paige began training boxing at Ken Shamrock’s gym and added MMA to her eclectic portfolio, so this is simply another experiment.


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