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September 8, 2022

After A Unique Sponsorship, Andy Ruiz Creates An OnlyFans Account

Andy Ruiz, a former world heavyweight champion, defeated Cuba’s Luis Ortiz unanimously on Sunday night to become a contender for the WBC heavyweight title.

In addition to the fight won by the California-born fighter, his attire, referring to the Los Angeles Rams of the NFL, and one of his sponsors, caught the attention of everyone.

Andy Ruiz Wears OnlyFans On His Shorts And Dressing Gown

Ruiz displayed the sponsorship of OnlyFans, a social network with more than 150 million subscribers known for its sexual content.

Ruiz’s relationship with OnlyFans was not only the sponsorship of the Destroyer’s clothes but also Ruiz’s subscription, which has very few followers. However, it must be remembered that he only recently opened his account on the website.

Just over 80 likes have been given to Ruiz’s posts on the page so far.

After Ruiz’s sponsorship was displayed at Sunday night’s bout, social media exploded thanks to the partnership.

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