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October 9, 2022

After ‘Backlash’ To £30,000-a-Month OnlyFans Career, Couple Removes Kids From School

The mother of a family moved to a six-acre farm after she started being banned from events in her town for appearing on OnlyFans. The 31-year-old Sara Blake began sharing explicit videos and pictures with her 38-year-old husband, Matt Cheek, in November 2020.

The family says they were soon treated differently in their community after they made £30,000 a month. The couple moved out of town and home-schooled their children to avoid judgement over their million-dollar career.

Sara insists the couple has ‘no regrets about their OnlyFans career, and she hopes they inspire others to feel empowered in their bodies. “I was devastated,” Sara said.

If people want to see my sexuality, why wouldn’t I let them? My sexuality has always been very comfortable to me. My goal is to inspire other women who love sex. It’s my favourite, and I enjoy it a lot. In my opinion, it’s not a bad thing.”

The four children, Chandler, ten; Camden, nine; Corey, seven; and Carson, three, moved away from the family in May 2022 to live on a farm and home-school their children. She claims that her move followed a rift in her town that began when she was barred from events for her work.

“My family still attended, but Matt says he felt threatened and people called his wife names,” Sara said. She broke down and cried.

The couple has since moved to a six-acre farm five miles down the road and home-school their children despite their husband appearing on OnlyFans.

Each day, we spend about six hours creating content. If Matt does not plan a field trip, we will wait until they’re asleep to create content at night.

I have worked alongside ESPN radio and interviewed football players throughout my career.

Sara was as honest as she could to build trust with her children. She knows she does ‘sexy’ modelling but isn’t old enough to understand sexually explicit content.

Sara says, “I have been bullied and discriminated against because of my career. What I do does not affect others.” According to Sara, “She has been bullied and discriminated against because of my career. What I do does not affect others.”

“I want to tell women not to give up and be confident in themselves, you are the one who defines your worth and value,” she said. She works 20 hours daily and makes more than one million dollars this year.

“I want to change the world for women who love sexual activity.”

Before joining OnlyFans, she owned two salons and was runner-up in the Mrs Kansas beauty pageant. She never entered the porn industry and only made ‘point-of-view’ content with her husband.

My platform has enabled me to make a difference to women and help them embrace their sexuality,” she said. As a mother, I strive to be a role model for other mothers.

Regarding motherhood, we don’t get a handbook – we have to make our own.

There are no friends for me, we are alone, and we don’t feel supported. It made me mad, and I felt confused. Talking about it is fine with me, but we should keep it private. “I feel so alone and isolated.”

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