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December 4, 2023

After Claiming She Earns £30,000 a Month on OnlyFans, Lottie Moss Posts a Raunchy Video On Social Media – TOPLESS

In her latest eye-catching social media post, Lottie Moss posed topless for a raunchy video.

In the racy video, the OnlyFans model covered her breasts with her hands, leaving little to the imagination. She claims she earns an incredible £30,000 a month on OnlyFans, which she has sent fans wild with her revealing pictures.

The blonde beauty showed off her inked skin in skimpy high-leg bikini bottoms. A throwback pic of Lottie in a white bikini reveals she’s going to Mexico soon.

This stunner flaunted her ample cleavage while posing in her racy beachwear. Lottie says she’s seeing results after taking personal training lessons.

The model shared another naked mirror selfie just a few days ago.

Lottie confirmed that she makes much money on the X-rated site but didn’t say how much. She told New! that she could earn £30,000! Money is a little crude, but I make a great living doing something I enjoy.’ As for her parents, Inger Solnordal and Peter Moss, they feel that she should be on OnlyFans so she can be happy.

Lottie started modeling at 14 but halted photoshoots for OnlyFans in 2021.

Her sister Kate, 49, has also spoken out about their relationship after she claimed that she didn’t want a relationship with her sister. ‘They are very different people,’ says the former model.

We have different interests and hobbies, so modeling wasn’t my thing, but I met some great people and went to some great places.

During Kate’s 2011 wedding, the London-born bombshell was her bridesmaid. Even as a child, Lottie admitted that the two never had a close bond during her appearance on The Matt Haycox Show Podcast.

She confessed: ‘We didn’t speak when I started modeling, so I didn’t ask her for advice. I’ve never been sad about it; it’s always been that way.’

It’s not nice when someone doesn’t care about your relationship, but we’d see each other at Christmas.

She said: ‘I’d never really known her, so I didn’t feel like I lost someone .’I never felt like she chose to leave; she’s 20 years older than me and has the right to live as she chooses.

Taking part in the nepotism baby debate, she hit out at the perception that her family is ‘rich and famous.’

People think my family is rich and famous because Kate, who’s 24 years older, is rich and famous. As Lottie wrote in Newsweek, money and fame were hers, not ours.

I’m unfamiliar with her, and she doesn’t reply to my texts. How do I tell people? It’s a weird concept because so many people worldwide have benefited from having friends or family members in famous positions, not just the famous ones.



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