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April 16, 2023

After Colleagues Began Watching My OnlyFans At Work, I Was Fired From My Mechanic Job

Her bosses at Don Ayres Honda in Fort Wayne, Indiana, fired her in 2020 after learning about her racy side hustle and were concerned about how her co-workers may approach her.

After her colleagues began watching her OnlyFans content while at work, a sexy mechanic was fired. Kirsten Vaughn, 27, from Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, was laid off from Don Ayes Honda dealership in 2020.

Just a month after she created her account on the platform to pay off her student loans and mortgage, she was fired. After she mentioned her Instagram account on her Instagram Story, her co-workers began watching her videos together and sexually harassing her.

They couldn’t stop talking about my page. I begged them not to tell anybody, and they laughed and said, ‘Ha ha ha, we’re helping you make money. Shut up.'”

After being terminated from the dealership, she revealed that she was devastated and stated that she had been a “perfect” employee who never had any problems. Moreover, she said: “I was appropriate at work. I wore my uniform and performed my duties as required.”

During her termination, the management asked about her account, claiming it would damage the company’s reputation, before terminating her for “violating company policy”.

Rather than analyzing it as, ‘Hey, those guys are kind of creepy,’ it is seen as, ‘Oh well, you’re the one who brought this to their attention.” According to a representative from Don Ayres Honda dealership, Kirsten was not terminated over her OnlyFans account but for violating the company’s rules.

Following her sacking, the 27-year-old has taken to TikTok to share her car knowledge. She has over 1.3 million followers, and her videos get hundreds of thousands of views. Sharing raunchy content now makes her more money than working as a mechanic ever did.


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