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April 14, 2023

After Hitting Rock Bottom, I Quit My Toxic Office Job and Started Only Fans. I Made £15,000 In My First Month of Business

After hitting rock bottom, an OnlyFans model switched careers and quit her toxic office job. Lauren Elizabeth, a TikToker who earned £15,000 in her first month, decided to try the adult content platform after being laid off.

A two-part video posted on TikTok by the OnlyFans model explains how she changed careers after failing at her previous position. As a TikToker, she said that she has been doing OnlyFans for four years and has changed her life in every way.

The woman stated: “Four years ago, I held a regular job. This was my second job; I had been there for two years. It was not going well.” Everyone told me I wasn’t good enough and was trying my absolute best to hold down this job, but I was exhausted.

“When I was in this situation, I did not sleep, I did not eat, I was constantly crying, I was a hysterical mess, and I did not see any hope in my actions. When you feel you are trying your absolute best and your boss does not believe you are good enough, you should always quit the job.

“I regret not quitting sooner,” Lauren explained; she was left in a difficult position because she was unemployed, had no other source of income, and was trying to find a way to repay her mortgage. Despite attending other interviews, she explained she did not wish to work in an office again due to her negative experience.

After her ex-partner suggested she launch her OnlyFans account, she did so. Further, she stated that she felt she had reached a point of no return. I wanted to be free and happy more than anything else. It was not uncommon for me to try things outside my normal experience.

I started the page after I got home from an interview.” Her 4,000 Instagram followers helped Lauren make £300 in just a few hours. She said: “I was shocked because that’s almost my weekly salary.

I made £15,000 in my first month. And the rest is history.” The video was Lauren’s way of sharing her journey. Money independence is her favorite thing, and she wouldn’t change it for anything. Her secret side hustle now earns her up to £48k a month after wiping tables in her uncle’s restaurant.

Her new side hustle makes her £1,000 a week after she quit her day job.

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