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April 17, 2023

After Learning He’s A ‘Minor’, OnlyFans Star Hopes Subscriber ‘Had Fun’ Filming Racy Clip

Her subscribers got a chance to film an X-rated video with her, but she chose an underage fan to take part.

She may have gotten in trouble after filming an X-rated scene with a minor. One of Italy’s hottest adult stars, Michelle Comi, launched a contest where she gave one of her subscribers a chance to film a racy video with her.

It wasn’t until after the steamy clip was filmed that she realized the person she chose was underage.

She explained on TikTok, “I made a selection, and we recorded the video together.”.

I sought a guy from my subscribers to record the video with. After several selections, I chose a man, and we met.

“She explained she didn’t realize the fan she’d chosen didn’t yet turn 18 and “went a little on trust” rather than going through the official channels to make sure what she was doing was legal. Everything went well, we shot the video, but I hadn’t gotten him to sign the paperwork yet.”
“He skipped his birth year, 2005,” she said.

“The video can’t be distributed since the fan is under 18. It shouldn’t even exist. And it has been canceled. “I should have made him sign everything sooner, but being the first time I’ve done it, I went a little on trust.”

She added that she was now looking for a new partner to make the X-rated movie with – and ended by hoping her illegal affair was worth it.

She laughed, “I’m looking for another partner now. I hope the boy enjoyed himself.” Some fans called her out, while others defended her.

“But if it was a man that carried out the act, we would be discussing pedophilia,” one wrote, while another, referencing Italy’s consent age of 14, added: “But he was consenting, you didn’t risk any charges, as long as he didn’t die on you.” Ms. Comi replied: “But I can’t use the video.”

Originally, she started her OnlyFans account after quitting her job as an administrator at the Cancer Institute in Milan, where she was earning €1400 a month (£1240) at the time.

She said about her new career: “It’s not easy to accept it; my mother didn’t like it.” She declined to say how much she makes now on the adult website.

“Then forbidding things to children is pointless. Yes, you must be prepared; we live in an old-fashioned society. Girls, prepare yourself for insults.”

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