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June 20, 2022

After Making a U-Turn In Life, The OnlyFans Model Clears Her Family’s $230,000 Debt

Despite her family’s $230,000 debt, a woman who once desperately wanted a breast reduction says her 34HH breasts helped her pay it off.

Amy Sophia, 27, from Leeds, earns £40,000 (A$70,000) monthly on OnlyFans.

As a young woman, she was self-conscious about her appearance and attracted unwanted attention from strangers when out clubbing with friends. She covered herself up by wearing less revealing clothes.

“Whenever I went to a club or out in public, women would tell me to ‘put them away because their boyfriends were staring,” she recalled.

“I usually ignore it, but once, someone kicked me out of a nightclub because I flashed a girl who told me to cover up. I was just sick of it.

“I have such bad posture because I always leaned forward to hide my boobs because if I kept my back straight, they looked even more prominent, and I hated that attention. I don’t mind the stares and comments. It’s either jealousy or body issues; they are not happy in their skin.”

In October 2019, Amy started an OnlyFans page after working as a spa therapist earning $15 an hour.

In Just One Month, She Earned $265k

The site helped her rebuild her self-confidence, embrace her curvy figure, and pay off her £30,000 (A$53,000) payday loan debt after living an unsustainable lifestyle.

“Something told me to go for the money with this new site, OnlyFans. “I knew my boobs would draw attention, so I used them instead of hiding them.

During my first month, I made £7,000 (A$12,000), which was insane. Every month it got higher, and my best month has been £150,000 (A$265,000).”

Amy now has more than 400,000 followers on Instagram. Along with repaying her debts, Amy was also able to help her parents pay off their big debts.

“I used the money to help my family pay off its debts first,” she said.

Thankfully, my mother has always supported what I do and has done so from the start. My family has always been supportive, and that’s all that matters.

As a Teenager, Amy Struggled With Changes In Her Body

Amy struggled with her breasts growing “bigger and bigger” during her teenage years.

“I felt like I had trouble hiding them, and people would stare at me a lot. I avoided certain exercises at the gym, and clothes wouldn’t fit, or I worried that everything just looked too slutty on me.”

As a 23-year-old, Amy went to a doctor about getting a breast reduction, but the details of the surgery were so intimidating that she didn’t proceed. She began to change her mentality after starting OnlyFans.

According to her, “the positive attention really changed my attitude”, and now she refers to her breasts as her “money-makers.”

She enjoys spending her newfound fortune on clothes, fine dining, and luxury trips – and has been to Mexico, the Maldives, Rome, Thailand, Las Vegas, and all around Europe.


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