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December 17, 2021

After Making Millions on OnlyFans, Kerry Katona Buys a Lamborghini For £160,000

Thanks to her lucrative stint on OnlyFans, Kerry Katona has treated herself to a Lamborghini worth £160,000.

Having been broke and bankrupt for years, Kerry, 41, is now back on her feet financially after making over a million pounds posting saucy snaps on the adult subscription service.

Her fans, who sign up for her OnlyFans page to see steamy pictures, have helped her turn things around after she declared bankruptcy in 2008 and again in 2013.

Her savings have increased, so she has been spending money on herself and her children.

According to the former Atomic Kitten singer, “It’s been amazing for my career.

I don’t stop working, and I told the kids, ‘I’m going to go topless, so if anyone has any problems, let me know’.”

Our Lilly wasn’t happy with it, but I told her to wait until the money came in and see how she felt. Then they all had an iPad, and there was no problem! I bought myself a Lamborghini Urus for March too.”

She also revealed that she plans to buy the £1.9million mansion she currently rents after 13 years off the property ladder and renting.

Further, the Warrington-born star admitted she spent money on designer handbags but said she was now a “saver” and her priorities are “rent, food, and school fees”.

Kerry opened up to the Mirror earlier this year and defended her decision to strip off in exchange for fans paying a monthly fee.

If I get out of a bit of a nipple, people say, “she’s desperate,” she explained back in July. However, she has made her first million since filing bankruptcy, and she is incredibly proud.

“Without OnlyFans, I would not have been able to invest in myself and in making more companies.”.

In Eyes Wide Shut, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise moaned and groaned in sex scenes. Or Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts stripped off their clothes in sex scenes.

I’m just going topless on holiday, darling. They get paid millions; they win awards. It’s ‘art’. But I’m judged.”

It’s all about the original I’m a Celebrity. Get Me Out of Here! Moreover, the winner confessed that she was compelled to join OnlyFans after borrowing £50 from her mother to feed her children.

Kerry has been able to bounce back thanks to the adult-work platform, with more than 2000 subscribers paying up to £18 per month for her content.

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