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April 3, 2023

After Spending More Than £42k On Surgery, I Quit OnlyFans For a Disgusting Reason

Despite making a profit, a mum quit OnlyFans for disgusting reasons. After spending £42,000 on surgery to get “the world’s biggest bum”, model Juju Ferrari announced she would remain on the platform.

According to the new mom, who boasts five million followers on Instagram, some of her subscribers crossed the line with their requests, and she has left OnlyFans. After several subscribers asked her to sell their breast milk, Juju left the adult content site.

After giving birth to her fourth child, the 36-year-old received horrible messages. Initially, I enjoyed participating on the platform, which brought me an interesting profit, but over time, the requests I received crossed a line.

” I have never talked publicly about this, but I was asked to sell my breast milk there as soon as I became pregnant.

“After reading such invasive messages, I realized there was no point in me being there.

Due to this, I have chosen to distance myself from that social network.” In November, the model had nearly a liter of fillers injected into each buttock. She now regrets the change from a “nice, round butt that matched” her body to one that is “grotesque” and out of proportion.


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