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December 25, 2023

After The Country Bans OnlyFans, The Turkish Model Is Arrested, But Her Clips Still Surface Online

Following her arrest over her clips resurfacing online, a Turkish OnlyFans content creator has spoken out. Turkish authorities blocked OnlyFans’ access to the country earlier this year due to a social media campaign accusing the platform of ‘promoting money through immoral means’ and ‘obscenity.’

Turkish model Gizem Badaçiçek, 25, was arrested earlier this month after her OnlyFans posts were shared on other social media.

After the ban, Badaçiçek says she has not shared any pornographic content from OnlyFans to her other social media platforms, only sharing posts about her daily life through @avocadogreenii1, an X-formerly known as Twitter account.

Occasionally, she posts pictures of herself doing sports and in underwear, according to local news outlet Sabah. ‘About six months ago, the author opened an account on a social media platform,’ she allegedly told police.

“Users join this platform by registering with their credentials and then follow their account holders by paying only a fee. Under 18 users are not permitted on this platform,” she said. She claims she only shared her ‘pornographic images’ with 160 OnlyFans followers.

Even though the police showed her ‘nude and pornographic images,’ she had no intention of sharing them with anyone but her 160 followers.
Later, she claimed someone re-shared her images without her consent after stealing her content.

According to her, this platform does not allow recording or screenshotting of the images. “I don’t know who took these pictures.”

Badaçiçek resolved: “I did not post after Facebook was banned in Turkey.” They were old images that were published without my consent and knowledge.

“A criminal complaint will be filed regarding the publication of these images. The accusations made against me are untrue. I am the victim of this incident.”

Since then, he has reportedly been released from custody. The police have not yet filed a case against her, however.

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