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May 16, 2024

After The Uproar, The Mother of The OnlyFans Model Who Flashed On The New York to Dublin Portal Says She’s “Proud”

The mother of the OnlyFans model, who is at the center of the “scandal” surrounding the New York-Dublin portal, has commented on her daughter’s internet activities.


Speaking out is the mother of the OnlyFans model who flashed during the New York to Dublin portal construction.


In an attempt to demonstrate how “united” the world is, Benediktas Gylys’ art installation—which served as a webcast “portal” from the US to Ireland—somewhat backfired when visitors’ actions went out of control.


One of the people at the installation who didn’t precisely use the device as planned was Ava Louise, creator of content for OnlyFans.


Gylys did intend for people to “unite,” but it’s unlikely that he meant for an OnlyFans creator to unite with a whole new group of followers by displaying her breasts during the installation.


The risqué move has paid off for Louise, even though it was one of the occurrences that forced the installation to close for several days while organizers tried to figure out how to police people’s use of it properly.


The content creator has disclosed that the viral act brought her an incredible amount of money and a ton of new subscribers for her website.

What does her mother, though, think of it all?


Louise has already disclosed that her relatives discovered her OnlyFans page.


She stated in the New York Post: “I never told them what I was doing, but my content on OnlyFans was sent to my brother and my family.”My folks have, therefore, witnessed me eating a d**k.”


The content producer claimed that her family “has gotten used to” her profession and that, in the end, she doesn’t have to “rely on them for anything” because she believes they are “happy.”


That doesn’t mean, however, that her parents’ discovery of her flashing at the New York portal wasn’t shocking.


“He showed me the full page story on Ava [in the paper], and he was very shocked just to open The Post and see his daughter in there,” Susan Lockner, Louise’s mother, told the Post.


Lockner observes that although Louise’s father was first “shocked,” he then “laughed,” stating that the article’s title particularly amused him, “Erin go Braless.”


“I admire her intelligence, but it’s not always a proud parenting moment to have her do some of the things she does,” the mother acknowledged.


“I think a lot of the things she does are brilliant, business-wise, and she always looks wonderful.”


Lockner acknowledged that although Louise admits that she flashed during the installation in an attempt to go viral, parents “don’t love it” and “don’t condone it,” but they can see the humorous aspect of it.


“Even as a child, she always wanted to be the center of attention,” she said.


Nevertheless, the mother said she would always be proud of her daughter.



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