January 21, 2023

After World Cup fame, Gorgeous Ex-Miss Croatia joins OnlyFans

Ivana Knoll wowed football fans at the World Cup with her racy outfits and has now responded to the request to start an OnlyFans.

Former Miss Croatia Ivana Knoll was questioned about making an OnlyFans and if she will fulfil her fans’ dreams.

While cheering on Croatia during the World Cup, the model and businesswoman became a viral sensation with her racy outfits. Knoll’s Instagram following grew to 3.6 million in the weeks since the final, and her fans are now begging her to launch her own OnlyFans page.

She was asked about joining the exclusive content site during an Instagram Q&A with her followers on Tuesday.

Knoll responded cryptically to the question: “When are you going to open an OnlyFans?”

Cristiano Ronaldo is Knoll’s favourite footballer, and she was asked whether she paid for her tickets to World Cup matches during the Q&A session.

She attended all Croatian matches and several other games, including the final, and revealed: “Yes, guys, I paid for all Croatia tickets myself.”

“For other games, for England, USA, France, Serbia and the final, I got a ticket from the football association team or someone else. But for Croatia I paid for every single ticket.”

Earlier this month, Knoll was even pictured with rapper Drake after returning to her home in the USA.

Her Instagram page had almost 1 billion views during December, which will no doubt have provided publicity for her swimsuit company.

Knoll’s racy outfits won over fans in Qatar, but some local officials criticized her choice of clothing because the country has strict laws against short skirts and bare shoulders.

On TalkTV, Piers Morgan interviewed the 30-year-old model who spoke highly of the hospitality and treatment she received in Qatar, stating: “I was very surprised and very happy that they accepted my clothing.”.

There were a lot of Arab and Qatari people who took photos with me. Males, females, children… everyone. It was very pleasant to see. I didn’t have any bad reactions and was happy they accepted us.

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