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December 16, 2022

An Empowering Model Tells OnlyFans How She Sells Steamy Content

Despite some finding adult sites problematic, this sex worker says they have been empowering. According to her, OnlyFans allowed her to live a nice life.

After losing her job, a model started posting steamy sex videos and racy pictures on OnlyFans. After losing her job during the pandemic, Victoria Barrett decided to try her hand at creating adult content.

According to the 24-year-old, she makes ‘endless’ money on the subscription-based site, which funds her luxury lifestyle.

Despite some seeing sex work and pornography as problematic, her experiences have empowered her.

When she first launched her page, the model just wanted to fuel her car without stress – now, she can do it whenever she needs to.

After one month on the X-rated app, Victoria had enough money to splurge on treats for her family and herself.

After buying a new Range Rover, she paid off her mother’s debts.

Fans of the model can purchase content from her menu, but she also accepts private requests, such as “favourite model.”

She also models for Page 3 and occasionally shoots swimwear in addition to OnlyFans.

“For me, it’s a business,” she told Yahoo News. It doesn’t affect me emotionally.

In the end, it’s just a job to me, and why would I do a boring 9-5 job in an office when I can get paid much more to do something more fun and on my own time?

However, you must have a thick skin to work in this field. I find that men are the main haters – but it’s all so hypocritical, so I take it lightly.

It doesn’t mean I’m a bad person or immoral just because it’s sex work. Making a living is no different than doing any other job. It doesn’t define me.

“In real life, everyone, including my boyfriends, my parents and my two older brothers, are supportive of what I do.

“They figure, as long as I’m safe and they know it’s affording me a comfortable life, then they’re happy. My closest friends and family who care about me don’t worry about it and don’t judge me for it, so why should anyone else?”

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