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November 9, 2023

An Ex-Missouri Teacher Speaks Out About the Million-Dollar Earnings He Made On OnlyFans

Brianna Coppage is speaking out several weeks after being placed on leave and ultimately resigning over an OnlyFans account.

Coppage was placed on leave to supplement her teacher’s salary in September. She used to teach English and coach cheerleading.

According to a recent FOX News digital report, she made almost $1 million from her OnlyFans account. The account has nothing to do with her work for the school district; she invests in it solely on her own time.

She also revealed that various financial challenges helped her make the account.

Coppage told FOX News he started it to supplement his income, see what happens, and make extra money. My student loans are due. I was a third-year student trying to get my degree. “As well as my master’s degree in education, I’m getting my special education degree.”

She continued, “Teachers usually get a higher salary schedule by getting more education, so we make more money.” That was one of the reasons. If I try to get further education for my job, I’ll accumulate more student loan debt. “It wasn’t completely motivated by money, but it was definitely a big factor.”

She doesn’t regret resigning, Coppage says. It’s okay to separate your personal life from your career.

Coppage said it is okay for people to hold different beliefs and be different. “If we were all giving each other a little bit more grace and accepting that people are different, maybe the world would be a lot better. That’s not what I’m here to do.”

According to Coppage, she never once mentioned or hinted at the account. The link was shared in a community group by adults, not students.

Did It Break the Law?

Is it illegal for teachers or educators to have OnlyFans accounts? Even if they’re separate from their work duties?

A news website in Australia, The Educator Online, tackled the topic earlier this year before Coppage quit.

Adult content platforms like OnlyFans are legal in some jurisdictions, but not all. It’s all about the laws and regulations in your jurisdiction.

Schools and educational institutions usually have codes of conduct that tell you what you can and can’t do. “Having an OnlyFans account may pose specific risks, even if the bylaws don’t explicitly mention it.”

Experts said that students, parents, and school officials could be exposed to safeguarding risks even if they didn’t access the accounts.

“Security or code of conduct training should be part of recruitment and annual training for schools, Megan Kavanagh told The Educator.” “Make sure your staff is following the Code of Conduct.”

The second teacher placed on leave at St. Clair High School due to an OnlyFans account was also placed on leave in late October, and further consequences have not been determined.

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