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November 11, 2022

An Ex-Nurse From OnlyFans Is Banned From The Louvre Museum For Wearing Just A Bra

After stripping off her winter coat and posing in a lacy bra, a nurse-turned-OnlyFans star claims she was thrown out of the Louvre Museum.

An OnlyFans star claims to have been kicked out of the Louvre Museum for wearing only a bra.

In a revealing outfit, former nurse Iris Hsieh says she landed in hot water at one of France’s most famous attractions.

Outside Paris’ iconic glass pyramid, the Taiwanese influencer and YouTuber braved chilly autumn temperatures to pose for a few shots.

Iris’ fans liked her post 15,000 times after wearing grey jogging bottoms with a plunging lacy black bra.

“The first time I saw the newly bought beautiful bra top,” she captioned the pictures and video.

In the video, I was caught wearing a black jacket in front of the police. I took three pictures of the police.” Iris told a follower that the police did not just want to talk to her. She was kicked out, AsiaOne reports.

Some people were not surprised, however, with one asking: “How can you wear that for that occasion?” A second comment read: “Basic common sense”, while a third said: “Wear bedclothes… please.”

Another person suggested that French police may have mistaken the racy content creator for a prostitute soliciting sex.





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