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July 29, 2023

An OnlyFans Model Was Criticized For Wearing a Revealing Outfit To the Movies

A video of a social media star in an outfit that could cause a serious wardrobe malfunction has gone viral.

In the concession stand, fans can see Indi Jung, an adult content star whose real name is Indi Jung, ordering movie tickets.

However, her floor-length black dress, held together by gold wire, caught the attention of a passer-by due to its exposed side. Jung’s genitalia was at risk of being exposed if she made one wrong movement.

Previously, she has worn the same dress in black, hot pink, and orange on her TikTok account.

Initially shared on Twitter, the video quickly attracted the attention of angry social media users. One social media user commented: “To me, this shows that she desperately needs attention.”

“She’s beautiful, but try to be a little more classy.” “She’ll still look great with more clothes on.”

It appears that she was seeking attention and received it. Another person emphasized that the point is not to shame her for her clothing choices but to be mindful of appropriate attire for a particular occasion.

Others were less outraged by the clothing choice made by the content creator of the adult website.

“This is the real-life equivalent of Jessica Rabbit from our childhood years,” exclaimed one audience member. “I’m not even mad at her.”

“I see more skin at the gym than on the beach,” one Twitter user commented.

In the hot pink version of the dress, Jung was spotted on an underground train platform in Barcelona wearing the dress for the first time.

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