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April 3, 2022

An OnlyFans Star Discovers Her Father Is a Subscriber: ‘My Dad Was The Hottest User On OnlyFans’

It’s a dirty daddy catastrophe. A young OnlyFans star named London almost lost her family ties when she discovered her father had subscribed to her channel and watched her saucy content regularly.

She realized that the Hott3st Daddy user had access to all her content on her OnlyFans channel every month, London said in the caption of her viral TikTok testimonial.

The Post, titled “Real story,” gained more than 85,000 views and more than 300 comments from concerned critics.

One perturbed commentator scribbled, “Bruh, this is a crime, no way,” “Do you continue to talk to your dad after finding something like that out?” another questioned.

The model claims that her father subscribes to her sexy channel and watches her content “every month.”

Other virtual evaluators also attacked the woman’s unnamed father. It’s horrible that so many men do not touch their children but fantasize about it,” said one viewer. “I am so sorry, girl. I can’t even imagine how you feel,” said another.

London replied: “What if we live under the same roof?” and punctuated his comment with an emoji of a skull.

However, some of her less judgmental followers responded to the dad’s comments with praise, applauding the father for supporting his daughter’s online business.

“Is that a good or a bad thing?”? A daddy defender replied, “That sounds supportive to me.”. Others chimed in, expressing their excitement with several handclap emojis.

London did not immediately answer the Post’s request for comment. The model Karla Ramirez published a viral video in January. She slammed her anonymous father for not only subscribing to her sexy profile but also offering her money to “play” with herself on camera.

As she says in the text of her trending clip, “My father has been buying my (OnlyFans) content not once, not twice, but TWO times, and has been my personal client on both of them for over a year,” Ramirez said.

It was only because he called me and said he would let me play with myself for $150, and I heard my mother talking on the phone in the background that I found out [who he was].”

She wrote a subsequent post in which she claimed her father had been “sexually attracted” to her since she was a child and recounted several incidents in which he abused her.

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