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June 29, 2022

An OnlyFans Star Who Is Pregnant By A Student Is Keeping The Baby

A former history teacher revealed she was pregnant with a student’s child after a drunken one-night stand.

On Tuesday, Amy Kupps – who has previously made headlines for declaring that she is a “homewrecker” and a “proud mistress” – revealed that she is expecting a child in the fall.

The 33-year-old said she is having a baby with a former student, but the same can happen in any profession. It will be hard for me to share this with the world, but I am a good person who will do my best to raise this child.”

In 2016, when the student was 16 years old, Kupps first met the unnamed former student via her raunchy OnlyFans account.

She quit her classroom job after officials at her middle school uncovered her raunchy account last year. His age is now 22, and he is in college.

During a night out with friends at a nightclub, the erotic ex-educator noticed a young man giving her the eye – but did not know it was one of her former students.

Neither of them realized who the man was until the next day when he called her “Miss Kupps.”

He showed me his yearbook to prove that he was a former student,” Kupps recalled. It stunned me.

Clearly, I did not know he was a former student, and if I had known, I would not have gone home with him.”

Despite the “wild drunken night”, she had with the “sexy” former student, Kupps remains embarrassed about having hooked up with him and vows never to see him again. She found out she was pregnant just weeks later.

Kupps said she was speechless when the pregnancy test came back positive. Despite being a devout Catholic, I am opposed to abortion, even though I respect other women’s right to make their own choices.”

Her former student was “scared” when she told him she was keeping the baby, Kupps, a mom to two children, told

Not to worry, I told him I was financially stable and not interested in a relationship with him. This baby will be cared for by me alone, and we have agreed to go our separate ways.”

It would be so disappointing for his family,” Kupps continued. “He can meet his baby when he feels ready in the future. The years he has left are good, so he should make the most of them. My 20s were certainly a blast.”

Although her fans haven’t realized she’s pregnant, the brunette has continued to make money through OnlyFans during her pregnancy.

She said, “I’m so small and so athletic, I work out every single day, so I don’t really show that much.” “However, people do talk to me about my breasts.”

According to Kupps, who recently dished out the four most common lies that cheaters tell partners, it appears she is over the shock of the pregnancy and is looking forward to meeting her baby.

She exclaimed that the only way to take on life’s curveballs is to swing at them.

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