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July 6, 2023

Anna Paul, An Australian OnlyFans and TikTok Star Discuss Her Experience With Skin Cancer

On holiday in Europe, Australian OnlyFans star Anna Paul shared her harrowing skin cancer experience, encouraging millions of fans to check their skin regularly.

The 24-year-old shared on Instagram the experience of removing a mole on her stomach due to it “turning into a skin cancer”. Several of her 2.3 million followers inquired about the scar beneath her belly button on her stomach.

It is always a question people ask me about the scar on my stomach. I had a mole removed because it was developing into skin cancer. According to her, the doctors were highly concerned and wrote it down as urgent.

She was accompanied by a photograph of herself in a yellow floral bikini, revealing her scar.

From 14 to 18, I used to tan a lot. Now you could not pay me enough money to spend time tanning. She continued, “Please be sun safe and get a skin check.”

She also admitted that following her cancer scare, she received skin checks every six to twelve months.

“Life is better than being tanned…If you have never had a skin check, click right out of Instagram and schedule one today,” she advised.

She also explained that a couple of years ago, when she made a similar call to action, her followers took action and discovered skin cancers that they were unaware of and that her story saved their lives.”

As she skis, swims, and eats across Europe with her family, Paul is enjoying the summer season in Europe.

Earlier this week, Paul told her TikTok fans she had found bed bugs in her Amsterdam Airbnb. She requested a refund from the Airbnb company.

Paul described feeling something crawl along the back of her mother’s neck and in the bed while lying on the bed.

As she stated in the video captioned “What are these bugs?” together with a crying face emoji: “This is our bed right, completely stopped, for a reason.”

She continued, “Last night, when my mother lay in bed, little bugs crawled up her neck and legs. She thought, “No, definitely not.”

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