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October 3, 2022

Anna Paul Reveals How Many Racy Posts She’s Shared With OnlyFans – And Whether Or Not Her Ample Bust Is ‘Real’

As an OnlyFans superstar, Anna Paul has shared intimate details about her success. 

During a question-and-answer session on Instagram Stories on Monday, the Tiktok sensation, 23, revealed the details.

Her response included her age at the time and the number of posts she has shared on OnlyFans. 

I was 18 years old. I have 733 posts because of that! She wrote that there is so much to see in every single post. 

Her racy videos and photos also feature her boyfriend, Glen Thomson, a fellow influencer. 

In response to the curious fan, she replied, ‘Let’s just say he helps me with my videos.’ She was also asked if her famously ample bust is natural or surgically enhanced. 

She captioned an image in which she posed in a skimpy bikini, ‘Haha my bitties are real.’   

Following a follower’s question during an Instagram Q&A in May, TikTok’s influencer denied ever going under the knife.  

‘I have never had any cosmetic surgery,’ she insisted.

After sharing an image of the injection site, Anna explained that she had only had some ‘filler’ injected into her face.

She wrote it looks like a moon, adding: ‘I drew where I have filler.’

On TikTok, Anna has four million followers; on Instagram, she has 1.6 million.


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