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December 7, 2023

Announcing His Joining OnlyFans: ‘It’s All On The Table’ For Tennis Star Nick Kyrgios

Tennis player says, “OnlyFans is revolutionizing social media.” Nick Kyrgios is the new creator of OnlyFans. In a press release that promises to reveal all sides of Kyrgios’ personality, the 28-year-old announced on Thursday that he is joining the website.

According to Kyrgios, who won his first Grand Slam at the Australian Open last year in the men’s doubles, launching a channel for OnlyFans was a no-brainer.

“Athletes can no longer show up on the court or the field. We must show up online, too,” he said in a statement announcing the new channel.

“That’s the future,” said Kyrgios, discussing his dream of creating, producing, directing, and owning content. “Through direct communication with my fans, I know what they need to see.”

During his upcoming content on OnlyFans, Kyrgios promised “tennis balls involved” and “tips, tricks, and behind-the-scenes.”

Furthermore, Kyrgios said that fans could see him from all sides, from his gaming to his tattoos to his intimate side. “All your friends will be able to see it!”

OnlyFans CEO Kelly Blair said, “Nick is a disruptor a lot like OnlyFans, so I’m looking forward to seeing him join our platform, sharing his content in new ways, and expressing himself.”

Kyrgios has gained fans after appearing in Netflix’s tennis docuseries BreakPoint, documenting his 2022 tennis season and showing the early days of his relationship with Costeen Hatzi.

According to Hatzi, they met when Kyrgios was looking for a mirror in late 2021 when Hatzi was selling it on Instagram.

Hatzi told the outlet it was love at first sight when he showed up at her door for the mirror.

During the Citi Open in Washington, D.C, Kyrgios told reporters that “life peace” helped his game. “Life peace” means loving relationships with someone who supports you and lets you enjoy it, Kyrgios said.

However, Kyrgios has had a more challenging year in tennis. One day before the start of the 2023 Australian Open, he withdrew from the tournament due to a knee injury. Following surgery in January 2023, he could not play for the year.

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