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December 11, 2021

Are You a Fan of White Castle’s Spicy Content on OnlyFans?

White Castle offers a spicy recipe, and it’s only found on the OnlyFans platform. Discover how it makes sense to take a risk like this.

You can use social media for business, or you can use it as a means of generating revenue, depending on how you use it. They have seemingly stepped up their social media game by joining OnlyFans, a known platform for its adult content.

OnlyFans readers can enjoy their spicy Southwest Jalapeno Cheese Slider Stuffing recipe. White Castle and OnlyFans both benefit from this marketing ploy.

OnlyFans – Who Are They?

It’s no secret that OnlyFans is known for its explicit content, but the platform is much more than just adult stories. OnlyFans is open to 18+ users only.

Government-issued IDs are required. Exclusive content can be created for OnlyFans by creators that aren’t shared anywhere else.

When a user tries to screenshot the content, the content is blacked out. Even though creators can provide free content, most do so through subscription-based services. 80% of creator earnings go to OnlyFans, 20% to creators.

Over 170 million users are registered on OnlyFans, according to estimates. Although some make a great deal, the average creator earns about $180 per month.

What Are The Benefits of Joining OnlyFans?

It makes sense that White Castle would want to tap into the market, but we can only speculate about the company’s motivations for joining OnlyFans.

Influencer made estimates the average age of users on OnlyFans is 29. People are looking for alternatives to Facebook to stay connected to brands and businesses as Facebook’s popularity declines.

As a result of the pandemic, OnlyFans sees an influx of users looking for entertainment.

Is OnlyFans the Right Solution For Your Business?

We are unable to answer that for your business. OnlyFans is not family-friendly, but that doesn’t lessen its appeal. In any case, it’s worth considering if your target customers fit the OnlyFans demographic.

White Castle must have decided that the potential for gaining followers outweighed any negative impact.


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