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July 4, 2022

As He Indulges While On Vacation In Paris, Matt Agnew Gets a Little Too Intimate With Pastries

There have been jokes that Matt Agnew may soon be sampling his favourite pastries on OnlyFans following his foodie holiday in France.

The former Bachelor and astrophysicist ate dozens of pastries in a video posted to Instagram on Monday.

Podcast host Ash London said the clip ‘belongs on OnlyFans’ due to his rather sultry eating style.

Matt jokingly said he would join the subscription-based adult website if her comment reached 10,000 likes.

Throughout the video, Matt tastes countless pastries.
I deleted pastries in Paris in just 47 seconds. In 32 “awake” hours, 16 pastries equal 0.5 PPH (pastries per hour).

As a result of Matt’s appearance on Bumble, the exchange took place. In his profile, he identifies as a ‘foodie’ looking for ice cream dates at cafés.

In 2019, Chelsie McLeod won Matt’s contest, but the couple split in December. During his single years, he was spotted on Bumble and Hinge apps.

During a February interview, the handsome scientist revealed that he was single. At the moment, I am single and open to finding love.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, he said, ‘I’m open, and we’ll see how things go.

While Matt uses dating apps, he prefers to meet someone the traditional way. He explained that the apps are on my phone, but I don’t use them much. My preference is to meet people organically. Let’s see how things go. I’m open to anything.

Many of Matt’s friends have met online and are ‘now getting married’ after meeting through dating apps.

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