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October 18, 2022

Astrid Wett Tried To Kiss KSI During The Fight Weigh-In And Was Awkwardly Rejected

Astrid Wett attempted to kiss KSI in another episode of “When keeping it real goes wrong.”

Since OnlyFans Astrid Wett tried KSI Keeley Colbran, the YouTuber/rapper turned boxer has made a bold move, rejected her, and laughed nervously about it.

As both Colbran and Wett attended the weigh-in, things got a little heated today.

After the organizers gave them the microphone, they tried to push confrontational speech to give the public something to take away when all went sideways. They exchanged expected fighter banter before the microphones were turned on.

Her goal was to keep it real

It was when they were facing each other that Astrid Wett attempted to raise the ante by asking the audience, “Do you think I would do this if I had a boyfriend?” and then Astrid made the bold move to reach out to KSI to kiss him and take the high road. Still, she was not expecting that KSI would react differently from her.

I’m not interested in a kiss, ma’am!

After KSI saw Astrid reaching out to kiss him, he immediately pulled back and rejected it; all hell broke loose for her, and everyone laughed at her, especially her rival Keeley Colbran.

Just KSI’s laughs, no thoughts

In response, the presenter asked KSI why he didn’t kiss her and what he thought about it, to which the boxers laughed out loud, stating that laughter was his response.

They asked both contenders to face each other for the picture to avoid awkward situations.


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