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January 28, 2024

At 24, Nikkole Teja Retires From Soccer and Becomes A Star Of OnlyFans

After leaving Puebla Femenil without making her debut, the famous player announces her retirement from soccer. After just 19 days with Puebla Femenil, American-born Nikkole Teja has retired from soccer at the age of 24.

There has been speculation following the media star’s retirement announcement that she is planning to work for an adult website called OnlyFans as a content creator.

During the Clausura 2024 Liga MX Femenil, Nikkole Teja played 32 games for Necaxa Femenil but did not appear for Puebla Femenil. Between joining Necaxa Femenil and joining Puebla Femenil, the player sold exclusive content on OnlyFans for adults only.

“Nickkole Teja, who has almost half a million Instagram followers, created an OnlyFans account in response to public request. On OnlyFans, she posts 73 exclusive photos and 11 videos and describes herself as a “professional athlete.”

At the Age of 24, Nikkole Teja Retires From Soccer

As long as this is all I have in life, I am glad that I have known and loved soccer. I hope to find another life after this one, and I will feel that soccer loves me as well. Having come to this country alone at the age of 18, with no friends and no knowledge of the language, I was utterly lost. I have always dreamed of playing soccer professionally, and here, I have been able to fulfil that dream. 

As a player, daughter, friend, and above all, as a person, I have no more to prove to anyone else or myself. I won’t regret leaving. However, I will mourn the experiences I had to go through, some of which were out of my control. I have decided to retire. 

“I want to thank everyone who was part of this journey and supported me throughout. Thank you for being there for us during our darkest moments and also for our most memorable moments.” Nikkole Teja wrote on her Instagram account.

A fan wrote on the ex-footballer’s Twitter account that “I am not pregnant”.

Nikkole Teja has left Puebla Femenil to pursue personal projects unrelated to soccer. The Puebla Femenil X account (Twitter) sent a message congratulating the player for her professionalism and wishing her success in whatever she pursues next.


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