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January 22, 2022

Bonnie Locket an OnlyFans Model Who Made Fortune After Selling Sexy-Photos

The sexy star of an OnlyFans makes over £1 million a year. However, her ideal partner is a “construction worker.”

Bonnie Locket, from Lincolnshire, on the kinky website, posts racy photos and videos for subscribers who pay a monthly fee.

Through these channels, she gained millions of followers on TikTok and Instagram, where she had her @bonnielocketxox account.

On social media, the 33-year-old asked her fans to explain whether they were right or wrong about some assumptions they had made about her.

Instagram Stories gave a glimpse into the brunette beauty’s life and thoughts.

Someone wrote in and said she was probably “very into herself” and wouldn’t give an average guy a chance.

Bonnie insisted that this was not true at all, pointing out that her long-term partner was just a regular bloke.

“I’m not that into myself. Even I didn’t like looking in the mirror when I shot content.

I’ve been dating this guy [points to boyfriend] for nine years, and he’s a carpenter. However, “he’s just a normal guy.”

She added that her ideal type of man would be your typical tradesman – as long as he met some other requirements.

A tall, dark, handsome construction worker is Bonnie’s type. I go for that.”

In a message, a hater stated that they imagined the model “lacked male attention in high school,” but the model laughed this off.

Bonnie responded, “Oh, I got all the male attention. “It was just for the wrong reasons, like being ginger or goofy.

She is a singer, actress, YouTube star, and model who has a Master’s degree in acting.

Because she decided to become an OnlyFans star, she now earns seven figures and has the support of her mum and boyfriend.

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