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September 5, 2023

Bronte Schofield, Married At First Sight Star, Shows Off Her Stunning Body In a Skimpy Bikini While Shooting Content For OnlyFans

A reality television star, 29, is on vacation in Bali to shoot content for their social media accounts with a friend.

Her Instagram account showed her posing in a skimpy bikini by the pool on Saturday.

She sat proactively beside her brunette friend in a barely-there blue swimsuit while flaunting her stunning figure. They stared sultrily at the camera as they cuddled next to one another.

“Two Brunettes arrive in Bali…” is what Bronte captioned the video.

To promote her adult content on OnlyFans, the reality TV star shared a raunchy photo on her Instagram story.

Her saucy website is linked to the photo via a URL link. 

It costs $25.99 a month for the 29-year-old to operate her adult website. It should be noted that she previously criticized women for selling adult content online. 

Bronte appeared to shame sex workers in a video on the Instagram account Married At First Sight Uncensored. She said in the video that they have been exploiting women for years, using them as sexual objects and toys.

As a result of her appearance on the 2023 series of Married At First Sight, Bronte rose to prominence.

You don’t have to sell your body for money, but many of us do it for fun. In the damning video, Bronte personally attacked the creators of OnlyFans.

My future husband will be so fine with you bending over backwards [and] saying, “Look at my entire ass for $18 a month,” but my mother will not. 


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