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January 1, 2022

Celebrities and Scantily Clad Models Attended the ‘Wildest’ New Year’s Eve Party In Australia

A New Year’s Eve party hosted by an OnlyFans millionaire has been dubbed Australia’s wildest New Year’s Eve party. They were ‘greeted by dwarfs,’ entertained by acrobats, and received tattoos for free.

Jackson O’Doherty, 27, a YouTube prankster turned adult content creator, hosted the lavish celebration at his octagon-shaped Gold Coast home, named “Playboy Mansion 2.0” to rival Hugh Hefner’s sex-filled Los Angeles estate.

At the X-rated white-themed bash, his 300 guests were greeted by dwarfs, entertained by acrobats, and offered unlimited alcohol.

Among the glamorous guests were Bliss & Eso, Dennise, Courtney, Troy, Maddy, Willem, Marty and Michael, Ryan, Alana, Armani and Michael, to name a few.

Circus acts included a motocross globe of death, a magician hanging from a crane on fire, and a naked sword swallower.

While O’Doherty’s exotic animals, including a crocodile, roamed about, tattoo artists offered free ink.

Before a massive backyard fireworks display began at midnight, revelers were offered unlimited drinks.

Among other things, O’Doherty said he already has plans to host professional wrestling matches and a knightly jousting contest.
‘I don’t want it to be a typical frat house where people are getting drunk and just gossiping.

‘I want it to be a place where people can feel comfortable and happy to come here, party and have an enjoyable time without being creeped out or weirded out,’ he told The Gold Coast Bulletin.

During his time in the United States, O’Doherty purchased the seven-bedroom, seven-bathroom estate for $2.9 million earlier this year.

According to Real Estate, a record amount has been paid for a home in the northern Gold Coast suburb where it is located.

Besides a tennis court and a guest house, O’Doherty and his three housemates, including manager Lacclan Gottfried and videographer Harry McSorley, live there.

After undergoing a $1 million renovation last year, the property went on the market in July.

The most significant change was removing an indoor swimming pool that served as the home’s centerpiece during the renovations.

There is now a large living and dining area perfect for entertaining guests.
Despite removing the indoor pool, there is still an outdoor swimming pool surrounding an entertaining outdoor pavilion with a granite bar.

Hope Island Realty marketing agent Evan Molloy told Real Estate that the property is a landmark.
‘People have been watching the renovation, so when it ended, it was almost like a tourist attraction.’

With 2.7million subscribers on YouTube and 2.2million Instagram followers, O’Doherty is one of Australia’s leading influencers.

Maddy Belle, his model girlfriend, and he have also done porn together on OnlyFans, which has earned them millions of dollars in a short time.

His original intention was to share edgy prank videos. However, he quickly switched to XXX content when he discovered how lucrative it was.

As soon as we started, we got 50,000 subscribers paying $10 a month, so I said, ‘We’re doing porn now,’ he said on the Impulsive podcast.

As well as feeling burnt out after doing extreme pranks for years, he also transitioned to adult films. Now he’s ready to return to some of his old antics.

‘I’m slowly growing up and maturing into different aspects of my life now that I am getting older,’ he told the Gold Coast Bulletin.
It’s been a busy few weeks, and I got into a bit of a rut mentally as a result. Having had a good break, I feel motivated and re-energized again, so I’m back – and what better place to begin than here?’

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